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When the opportunity to go on a vacation pops up, many of us feel excited yet overwhelmed. We wonder where we will go, when we will, how will we get there and where we will stay. Most importantly, we wonder how we can book a luxury vacation while still getting a great deal. Fort Myers, Florida is a beautiful sunny destination that offers luxury, good deals and fun in the sun all in one place.

Fort Myers Rentals are literally everywhere in the area. Staying at a hotel or resort in Fort Myers however, can prove to be extremely expensive. In addition, hotel rooms often include hidden fees, can be small, and offer few amenities.

Renting a condo in Fort Myers on the other hand, can prove to be a much better choice. Condos available for rent in the area are typically on the beach or very close to it. In addition, they offer plenty of amenities that hotels do not. These amenities include the ability to accommodate large groups of people who wish to stay together, the ability to bring a pet along in some instances and even a large kitchen and dining area. Since going out to dinner is experience, renting a condo will help travelers to save a great deal of money by allowing them to cook their own meals.

Lastly, Fort Myers Rentals are available for long term rentals. Therefore, if you wish to vacation for a month or two, you can feel free to do so without paying the hefty prices that hotels charge.

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For Myers, Florida is well known for having beautiful weather 12 months per year, having relaxing and beautiful beaches, having amazing golf courses, and having plenty of restaurants and spas to relax at. Due to the weather, and unlimited amount of activities that you can take part in, Fort Myers continues to be one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Since Fort Myers is such a popular place to spend a vacation or long weekend, you may find that renting a hotel can be a bit too expensive. When looking for Fort Myers rentals, there are many different options that you will have to choose from. By considering all of the available options, you could end up saving a lot of money off of the cost of your Fort Myers rentals.

One of the best options to choose would be to take advantage of Fort Myers condo rentals. When you take advantage of a condo rental, you will end up renting the condo from an individual condo owner, as opposed to renting a room in a hotel. In many situations, renting a condo could be far more affordable than staying in a hotel.

Another advantage of Fort Myers condo rentals is that you will receive far more amenities. Condo rentals typically share many of the same amenities as a hotel, such as having a pool, fitness room, and tennis courts. However, these condos are typically much larger than a standard hotel and come with full kitchens and more beds.



Enjoy a restful and fun family adventure or business retreat at one of our private beach homes either right on the beach or in walking distance of the Gulf of Mexico with its beautiful sand and views. Enjoy the warm Gulf waters and watch dolphins frolic in the open sea. Every nesting season the Loggerhead Turtles make their annual journey to lay fragile eggs on the beaches. Birds of all descriptions also call this wonderful sanctuary home.

Breeze Vacation Rentals is a seasonal vacation rental management company providing quality vacation rental properties to the discerning traveler. All of our properties are privately owned who take great pride in the quality and cleanliness of their properties. We offer several different properties ranging from two bedroom homes to six bedroom homes. Several of our homes are in very close proximity to each other giving us the ability to offer accommodations to as many as 30 in a single group. We have both single family homes and condos which are located on Fort Myers Beach and Cape Coral.

All of the properties (except those directly on the beach) have heated pools, including the condos. We have properties directly on the beach and properties off the beach. All the properties on Fort Myers Beach are an easy walk to the beach. We can accommodate travelers with pets in many of our properties. We have properties available for every size group and every budget. Please take a moment to view our properties and see which best fits your lodging needs.

See a gallery of photos for each property and what we offer, inside and out, plus the many amenities. We are the first property management company in Fort Myers Beach to offer you concierge services providing you with groceries upon your arrival at our homes. Discover what we believe will offer you a wonderful vacation experience, and see all the fun places you can visit while here. Fun for children and adults. . .And your pet is welcome in many of our Breeze resort homes Read what our guests say about their experience with us, and find answers to your many questions on our FAQs page.